We have spent a lot of time looking at other legal websites and resources on the web and some of the sites and pages below are, in our view, some of the best around. What makes these pages or sites good ? A plain English approach which is practical and content clearly written by people who know what they are doing and which shows a degree of experience – it’s one thing stating or summarising what the law is, but another putting that into practice. We hope you find the resources useful :-


  • Law donut – odd name, great site – full of excellent resources and tips – definitely worth checking out
  • Out-law – a little high brow in some respects, but the go to resource for IP law
  • Company law club – very useful on company law, as the name would suggest !
  • Contract law basics – good page here from Darlingtons Solicitors and useful sub-pages as well
  • Cousins Business law – some excellent content on this site, especially in the blog section
  • Accounts & legal – crossover between accounts and law – interesting as offering a 1 stop shop type approach to professional services fro small business.
  • Small business guides and tips – an excellent general business resource
  • Blogs about small business and law – some of the best are here, here and here.