Privity of contract

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PRIVITY OF CONTRACT: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Privity of contract states that under a particular contract, only the original parties are subject to the rights and liabilities of that contract. This means it is only these parties which can sue/be

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Heads of terms

/ March 14th, 2012 / Comments Off on Heads of terms

HEADS OF TERMS   Parties often use heads of terms as a way of clarifying and setting out the main points to a transaction prior to the main documentation being agreed. This allows the parties to document the deal points

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Do lawyers add value ?

/ November 23rd, 2011 / Comments Off on Do lawyers add value ?

The way in which external businesses perceive their lawyers and the criteria they use for forming a view on whether the lawyers add value is always interesting but perhaps even more interesting is the view of other senior people in

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Data Protection

/ September 23rd, 2011 / Comments Off on Data Protection

Data Protection The Data Protection Act 1998 is a piece of legislation which regulates how individuals and organisations process information, especially information which can be used to identify an individual. In order to comply with the Act, individuals or organisations

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Family business & legal disputes

/ August 8th, 2011 / Comments Off on Family business & legal disputes

Family legal disputes Business disputes in family companies are more common than meets the eye. A case involving celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey (GR) has all the usual elements of such disputes and more, and clearly demonstrates that such disputes can

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VAT fraud

/ July 3rd, 2011 / Comments Off on VAT fraud

What is VAT fraud ? VAT fraud typically has occurred relating to electronic goods such as mobile phones which are imported to the UK from another EU country without having to pay VAT. The fraudster then charges VAT to it’s

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Breach of contract

/ June 13th, 2011 / Comments Off on Breach of contract

Breach of contract A breach of contract takes place when one of the parties to the contract fails to perform part or all of his/her/it’s obligations in the contract or performs an obligation in a defective manner. Any breach of

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Status of employment law bonuses

/ June 2nd, 2011 / Comments Off on Status of employment law bonuses

What are the options and entitlements for employee bonuses ? The most simple way of differentiating between different types of possible bonus in employment is on the basis of either being contractual or non-contractual. However, it is vital that both

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Hello world!

/ May 18th, 2011 / Comments Off on Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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